Black Diamond Nitron 12cm Quickdraw

Black Diamond Nitron 12cm
Black Diamond Nitron 12cm
Black Diamond Nitron 12cm
Black Diamond Nitron 12cm
Black Diamond

Our premier full keylock quickdraw for snag-free clipping and cleaning, the Black Diamond Nitron Quickdraw features two 100% hot-forged Nitron carabiners and a lightweight, durable 27 mm Vari-width polyester dogbone. Ergonomic, hot-forged gates make for easy clipping on either the bolt or rope end, and the keylock noses eliminate the hassle when cleaning steep routes. We also included a Straitjacket dogbone insert to keep the bottom biner in the optimal clipping position.

Hot-forged Nitron carabiners on top and bottom.
Straight gate on top and bent gate on bottom for easy clipping.
Hot-forged gates are ergonomic and easy to use.
Dual keylocks ease clipping and cleaning.
Equipped with a 27 mm Vari-width polyester dogbone with Straitjacket.

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Technical Specifications

Weight 99 g
Dogbone Size 12 cm long, 27 mm wide
Dogbone Material Polyester
Dogbone Strength
Top Carabiner Nitron Straight - $11.95
Black Diamond Nitron Straight
Bottom Carabiner Nitron Bent - $11.95
Black Diamond Nitron

Additional Sizes

Nitron 12cm 2015  -  $23.95
Black Diamond Nitron