Austri Alpin Eleven Set 17cm Quickdraw

Austri Alpin Eleven Set 17cm
Austri Alpin Eleven Set 17cm
Austri Alpin

The eleven is our first sports climbing Carabiner with a 1.1 ton open-gate breaking load. The wide shape of the carabiner protects your high-end rope. Set with 11cm sling and a straight and bent snap gate. Now including the new quickdraw-tanga: this webbing protection keeps the carabiner tight in place!

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Technical Specifications

Weight 117 g
Dogbone Size 17 cm long, wide
Dogbone Material Nylon / Polyamide
Dogbone Strength 22kN
Top Carabiner Eleven Straight -
Austri Alpin Eleven Straight
Bottom Carabiner Eleven Bent -
Austri Alpin Eleven Bent

Additional Sizes