Metolius Torque Nut Tool

Metolius Torque
Metolius Torque

The Metolius Torque is the ultimate nut tool improved with palm protector and built-in wrenches for tightening loose bolts
-Hardened 420 stainless steel body
-Built-in, wire-gate carabiner
-Unique curved design lets you get behind the nut to hook and pull
-Hooked Nose is perfect for cam trigger bars
-Tapered nose allows easy access to the tiniest nuts
-Fits all common bolt sizes

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Technical Specifications

Weight 64 g
Wiregate Clip Yes
Palm Protector Yes
Length 21.00 cm
Leash No

User Reviews

  • 4.06

    Yup, it's a nut tool.

    by andreas_unterschuetz
    It's metal
    it has a little hooky thing
    it has a palm protector
    It's not titanium

    Grabbed this thing on the way to my first introduction to trad climbing. No regrets. It works. According to WeighMyRack it maybe could be a little lighter, I guess. But seriously, it's a nut tool. I do like the palm protector. It has saved my hands a great deal of pain. If the leader takes a whipper, I wouldn't want to be stuck using one of those pieces of stamped sheet metal some people use. Or the one with the knife?!? It does its job and it's done it well for years.