Liberty Mountain Ushba Nut Tool

Liberty Mountain Ushba
Liberty Mountain Ushba
Liberty Mountain

Ergonomic, durable and extremely functional, the Liberty Mountain Ushba nut tool features a unique, contoured pounding surface that allows you to knock loose obstinate nuts without bruising the heel of your hand. It is so light you won't mind that it's along!

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Technical Specifications

Weight 45 g
Wiregate Clip Yes
Palm Protector Yes
Length 23.00 cm
Leash No

User Reviews

  • 5.04

    In Soviet Russia, Nut Tools You

    by Boots And Pants
    wide hammering area
    It's a bad spoon

    It's titanium (oooo ahhh).
    It's light.
    It's strong.
    The end has ample area for you to strike you hand on, unlike a bunch of other nut tools.
    It's made in the motherland. Best of all; it doesn't come with a stupid leash.