Climb X X-Tractor w/Keeper Nut Tool

Climb X X-Tractor w/Keeper
Climb X X-Tractor w/Keeper
Climb X

Our hot-forged steel X-Tractor Nut Tool is designed to bust out fused nuts, and awkwardly jammed cams. The tapered tip allows you to work in the tiniest crevices, while the twisted handle offers maximum comfort when brute force or precise tooling is required. The wire gate clip pops open micro brews, and secures the X-Tractor to your gear loops, saving you weight and an additonal carabiner. Pirate that booty where others have failed with the X-Tractor Nut Tool.

The X-Tractor Nut Keeper ensures that this piece will stick around. So go ahead and jam or pry away without worries.

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Technical Specifications

Weight 60 g
Wiregate Clip Yes
Palm Protector Yes
Length 20.00 cm
Leash No