Stubai Fuse Light Helmet

Stubai Fuse Light
Stubai Fuse Light
Stubai Fuse Light
Stubai Fuse Light

Not quite available in the US, but priced in dollars from a canadian shop:

A light but robust moulded helmet which combines comfort with functionality. Size can be changed in seconds with the adjuster wheel, even with one hand. It has great ventilation, and padding both inside of the helmet and on the adjustable chin-strap. The ergonomic neck-line completes the Fuse Light’s features, and its shape means that there is no hindrance to vision – even when looking up. Also equipped with a handy headlamp holder.

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Technical Specifications

Weight 350 g
Weight per Size
Gender Unisex
Helmet Size Range 21.26 in - 24.41 in
Individual Helmet Sizes
Quick Adjust Yes
Vents Yes
Headlamp Compatable Yes
Face Shield Compatable No