The Elia 2015 is Retired. Although the Elia 2015 is no longer produced by the manufacturer, we're showing it on WeighMyRack because you can still find it at trustworthy online retailers.

Petzl Elia 2015 Helmet

Petzl Elia
Petzl Elia
Petzl Elia
Petzl Elia Back View
Petzl Elia
Petzl Elia Under View
Petzl Elia Back View
Petzl Elia
Petzl Elia
Petzl Elia
Petzl Elia Back View
Petzl Elia
Petzl Elia Under View
Petzl Elia Back View

The ELIA helmet was designed and developed to respond specifically to the needs of women. The innovative OMEGA headband system (Petzl patent) allows the helmet to be put on and removed easily and offers maximum comfort. In addition to this exclusive feature, the helmet has a new headband and webbing adjustment mechanism. It allows the helmet to be precisely adjusted for different head shapes.

Comfortable on the head:
- OMEGA headband system specially designed for easy donning and removal of helmet
- absorbent comfort foam
- adjustment buckles are placed to the sides, away from the chin
Totally adjustable according to head size:
- quick and easy headband adjustment, even while the helmet is being worn
- chinstrap can be positioned forward or back
Designed to offer maximum durability and versatility:
- lightweight, durable shell of injected ABS
- expanded polystyrene foam liner
- helmet suitable for climbing, mountaineering, caving, via ferrata...
Adapts easily to the activity:
- headlamp can be attached using the four integrated clips

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Technical Specifications

Weight 285 g
Weight per Size

One Size: 285 g / 10 oz
(we converted grams to ounces)

Gender Women
Helmet Size Range 20.00 in - 23.00 in
Individual Helmet Sizes

One Size: 52-58 cm / 20-23 in
(we converted centimeters to inches)

Quick Adjust Yes
Vents Adjustable
Headlamp Compatable Yes
Face Shield Compatable No

User Reviews

  • 6.02

    Because it came in PURPLE.

    by TheLinaBee
    easy to adjust
    Ponytail slot
    Padding at headband is pretty thick and makes for a warm wear
    sits high

    I gotta admit, for an impulse buy, this is one divine helmet. Having seen that this lovely helmet came in a great, bright purple color, I decided to buy it (because everyone can use a 'spare' for when their friends visit, right???) and have been absolutely thrilled. I can now keep my ponytail up (instead of having to take it down and deal with the flyaway hair) since it has a ponytail slot. There is enough adjustability in the sizing that I can wear a hat underneath for cold days, and the straps stay in place once you've adjusted them.
    Aside from how it sits a little high, my only complaint is that the padding in the headband is pretty thick. On a hot day, this is uncomfortable, but quickly goes to the back of your mind when working a climb. Definitely not enough to make me think I need a different helmet. Elia FTW.

  • 6.02

    Mine is purple too!

    by av8orariel
    side size adjusters

    I just changed over from an Elios and find the fit of this helmet to be MUCH better, although I do prefer the adjuster knob on the back of the Elios. No comments yet on durability or feel in different conditions -- will have to update the review over the seasons. Also, I feel more feminine in this helmet. Not too much, I'm climbing after all, but the right amount. :)