Rock Empire Streak Lady Purple Harness

Rock Empire Streak Lady Purple
Rock Empire Streak Lady Purple
Rock Empire

Streak Woman Purple is a fully adjustable and comfortable sport climbing harness designed specially for women.
The ratio between the waist and legs is adjusted to fit measurements of women.

3 Quick buckles.
Ergonomic waist and legs.
Adjustable leg loops.
4 Gear loops for the material (5 kg).
Light weight belay loop in a contrasting color (width 12 mm, 15 kN).

Gear Loop Range: 
Ice Clip Slots: 
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Technical Specifications

Weight 394 g
Weight per Size

One Size: 394 g / 13.9 oz
(weight converted from grams to ounces)

Gender Women
Sizes Available
1 Size Fits All
Gear Loops 4 Gear loops
Ice Clip Slots No
Belay (loop or tie in) One Loop
Waist Buckle Type Quick Adjust
Leg Buckle Type Quick Adjust
Drop Seat Yes
Haul Loop No
Certification(s) EN
Size Chart

One Size
Waist: 65-80 cm / 25.6-31.5 in
Legs: 45-60 cm / 17.7-23.6 in
(we converted centimeters to inches)