The Zephir 2014 is Retired. Although the Zephir 2014 is no longer produced by the manufacturer, we're showing it on WeighMyRack because you can still find it at trustworthy online retailers.

Mammut Zephir 2014 Harness

Mammut Zephir Front View
Mammut Zephir Side View
Mammut Zephir Front View
Mammut Zephir Side View

Extremely light high-end sports climbing harness for high performance on the rocks in a modern sporty design. Innovative split webbing technology and high-strength Dyneema® webbing guarantee maximum comfort and freedom of movement, together with a very low weight. The large ventilation openings make the harness extremely breathable. Featuring great attention to detail, such as the new aluminium Slide Block buckle, the design of the gear loops and the drop-seat buckle. -Innovative split webbing technology
-Very strong Dyneema® webbing
-New aluminum Slide Bloc buckle
-New, extremely light protector to help prevent abrasion of the tie-in loops
-Two over-moulded gear loops combined with two extremely light gear loops.
-Functional Drop Seat buckle

Gear Loop Range: 
Ice Clip Slots: 
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Technical Specifications

Weight 250 g
Weight per Size

M : 250 g / 8.8 oz
(weight converted from grams to ounces)

(At this time Mammut only gives out the weight for Size M.)

Gender Men
Sizes Available
Gear Loops 4 Gear loops
Ice Clip Slots No
Belay (loop or tie in) One Loop
Waist Buckle Type Quick Adjust
Leg Buckle Type None (it stretches)
Drop Seat Yes
Haul Loop No (0kN)
Size Chart

Waist : 59-69 cm / 23.2-27.2 in
Legs : 43-49 cm / 16.9-19.3 in

Waist : 65-75 cm / 25.6-29.5 in
Legs : 47-53 cm / 18.5-20.9 in

Waist : 71-83 cm / 28-32.7 in
Legs : 51-57 cm / 20.1-22.4 in

Waist : 78-90 cm / 30.7-35.4 in
Legs : 56-62 cm / 22-24.4 in

(we converted centimeters to inches)