The Maverick is Retired You've found a page of history! The Maverick is no longer available to buy from any major online retailers but you can still check out all the specs and claim your ownership.

DMM Maverick Harness

DMM Maverick
DMM Maverick

If you are looking for a top of the range, fixed leg harness, then look no more, this is it. The Maverick has all the key design features of the popular Renegade, including the floating waistbelt, but instead of a buckled leg adjustment loop we’ve given it a really neat elastic expansion system. The elastic stops the leg loop from drifting out of position, but also allows for a range of different leg sizes. This really is an exceptional harness, and one perfectly calibrated to the many and varied aspects of modern climbing – quite a trick if you consider how diverse climbing has become these days. Whether you are down the wall, out on the grit, clipping bolts on the limestone, or swinging about on a wild sea cliff, you will need a harness that really ‘does the business’. And that means a harness which is comfortable when you’re abseiling or on a hanging belay, or even when you take a fall. It also needs to fit you well and allow freedom of movement, and it needs to have a generous and versatile racking system – we could go on describing the various qualities of the Maverick, but the point has been made: this is a top notch harness. Go and try one on and see what you think. -Top of the range fully featured padded harness
-Incorporates a floating waist design, which means the six diagonal gear racks (and one conventional rear rack) can be aligned symmetrically on your waist for perfect racking
-Internal lumbar support
-Elasticated leg loops that give a secure fit
-Waist buckle is a Slide Lock design
-Twin drop away bum straps for calls of nature
-Cordura face fabric for extra durability
-Tie-in points protected by a layer of Cordura in a highlight colour, so excessive wear is easily seen
-True unisex sizing (i.e. a slightly longer belay loop)

Ice Clip Slots: 
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Technical Specifications

Weight 430 g
Weight per Size
Gender Unisex
Sizes Available
Gear Loops 7 Gear loops
Ice Clip Slots No
Belay (loop or tie in) One Loop
Waist Buckle Type Quick Adjust
Leg Buckle Type None (it stretches)
Drop Seat Yes
Haul Loop No (0kN)
Size Chart