Cilao OZ 22 Ultra Race Harness

Cilao OZ 22 Ultra Race Front
Cilao OZ 22 Ultra Race Back
Cilao OZ 22 Ultra Race Weight Distribution
Cilao OZ 22 Ultra Race Front
Cilao OZ 22 Ultra Race Back
Cilao OZ 22 Ultra Race Weight Distribution

At 82g, the most lightweight harness on the market!

Simpler version of the OZ 22 Race, without the load distributors (less comfort in suspension than the Race version). Specially designed for sports in which every gram counts. THE ski-mountaineering harness.

CE- and UIAA-certified / ISMF-approved

1 gear loop on right-hand side.

Patented buckleless harness design:

With no adjusting buckle, these harnesses are ultra-lightweight: a CiLAO innovation that has been tried and tested on the ground for more than eight years.

Comfortable and resistant due to their "self-supporting" design: leg loops and waist belt come together at a single tie-in point. This spreads the pressure more evenly over the thighs and waist, and makes the harness surprisingly resistant (50% above the European standard).

Result: Total freedom of movement. CiLAO harnesses act like a second skin, so that you almost forget they're there!

So unbulky you can take it with you on all mountain routes, for maximum safety. Slips easily into your backpack.
Comes in a zipped pouch.
Single tie-in point at belay loop, with black anti-wear protection, orange safety stitching and rope feed.

Original MSRP, if Converted: 
€65.00 EUR
Gear Loop Range: 
Ice Clip Slots: 
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Technical Specifications

Weight 82 g
Weight per Size

S : 76 g / 2.7 oz
M : 82 g / 2.9 oz
L : 92 g / 3.2 oz
(weight converted from grams to ounces)

Gender Unisex
Sizes Available
Gear Loops 1 Gear loops
Ice Clip Slots No
Belay (loop or tie in) Tie-In
Waist Buckle Type None
Leg Buckle Type None (it stretches)
Drop Seat No
Haul Loop No (0kN)
Size Chart

Waist : 73-83 cm / 28.7-32.7 in
Legs : 51-57 cm / 20.1-22.4 in
Max Hip : 89 cm / 35 in
Waist : 76-86 cm / 30-33.9 in
Legs : 55-61 cm / 21.7-24 in
Max Hip : 94 cm / 37 in
Waist : 80-90 cm / 31.5-35.4 in
Legs : 59-65 cm / 23.2-25.6 in
Max Hip : 99 cm / 39 in
(we converted centimeters to inches)