Cassin Laser CR Harness

Cassin Laser CR Harness Front
Cassin Laser CR Harness Back
Cassin Laser CR Harness Front
Cassin Laser CR Harness Back

Working from the minimalist design of the Laser, the new Laser CR incorporates the same advanced laminate construction and contoured cut, but delivers more versatile features like extra padding, adjustable leg loops and a haul loop. The waist and leg loops are constructed from laser cut webbing fixed to a laminated structure of 2-mm foam padding and soft 3-dimensional honeycomb mesh. Laminate construction designed to withstand the abrasion typical of big routes. The gear loops are stiffened to keep draws at the ready, the No Twist belay loop is great for piece of mind during belays and rappels, and the strong haul loop will trail a rope or anything else you need to drag behind.

Gear Loop Range: 
Ice Clip Slots: 
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Technical Specifications

Weight 424 g
Weight per Size

M : 424 g / 15 oz

CAMP doesn't provide the weights for other sizes so we're working on gathering this info by hand, stay tuned!

Gender Men
Sizes Available
Gear Loops 4 Gear loops
Ice Clip Slots No
Belay (loop or tie in) One Loop
Waist Buckle Type Quick Adjust
Leg Buckle Type Quick Adjust
Drop Seat Yes
Haul Loop Yes (14kN)
Size Chart

Waist : 61-71 cm / 24-28 in
Legs : 47-57 cm / 18.5–22.4 in
Waist : 68-78 cm / 26.8–30.7 in
Legs : 51-61 cm / 20.1–24 in
Waist : 75-85 cm / 29.5–33.5 in
Legs : 55-65 cm / 21.7–25.6 in
Waist : 82-92 cm / 32.3–36.2 in
Legs : 59-69 cm / 23.2–27.2 in
XL (will fit the lower range of XXL)
Waist : 89-99 cm / 35-39 in
Legs : 64-74 cm / 25.2–29.1 in