Your most asked questions, answered

How do you make money?

The potential to make money comes from all the places where you (the site user) can "buy" gear. If you click on a "Buy it here" link, and check out on that merchants site, WeighMyRack gets a small commission (about 7%).

You'll notice this model on most climbing sites (like the Dirtbag Deals on MtnProject, all the "Buy Now" stuff on rockclimbing.com, and anywhere else on the internet you see a "buy here" or "buy now" button)--it's called affiliate marketing. WeighMyRack hates ads because they're distracting and annoying for everybody. In the future, we might be open to sponsorship of certain pages, as long as it was subtle and didn't impair site usage in any way.

The cool thing about affiliate marketing is that, if you click to buy a carabiner, but instead buy a sleeping bag (or any other item that isn't a carabiner) WeighMyRack still makes money, as long as you check out online. Essentially, we get a sales commission for bringing you to the online retailers website. In theory, if you wanted to support WeighMyRack as much as possible, you could click the affiliate links on WeighMyRack before you bought from one of our online partners, ensuring WeighMyRack would get a commission on your purchase (climbing gear related or not).

What gear are you adding? (aka "When is trad gear coming?!")

Everything climbing will exist on the site someday. Right now we're working hard on all active and passive trad gear (kind of at once, strangely, it's easier that way). Then we'll get ropes finished up (we have 600 rope combinations in the database right now, and it's still not complete). Then bouldering pads, shoes, and mountaineering gear, like axes and crampons. There's definitely a plan in place, it just takes awhile to collect all the data!

If you want to know when we add a new gear type check out our updates page. You can sign up to get an email when your wanted gear type arrives on the site!

What about shoes?

Yes, they're coming someday. We can't use our usual method of grabbing specs from the manufacturers site to add shoes though. There's so much proprietary verbiage that it is incredibly challenging to make them easy to compare. Adding shoes will need the help of all the manufacturers. Right now we're working on a questionnaire list for each shoe model that the manufacturer can fill out.

We're looking to add specs like: Gender (male,female,unisex,kids), Tie (lace/velcro/mix), Fit (performance, tech, comfort), Last Asymmetry (high, med-high, med, med-low, low), Toe Type (pointy, large, round, downturned, neutral), Performance area (crack, multi-pitch, slab, over-hanging, bouldering, indoor/gym), and Audience (beginner, intermediate, advanced, competition).

If you have any other ideas/preferences, please let us know, we're still in the learning phase here.

There's over 170 shoe options out there, and it doesn't seem possible to compare fit, so the biggest help in this area will be from you, writing reviews about your street size vs other models vs the shoe you're comparing. And reviews about the type of rubber; how sticky was it, and such.

We're a little intimidated of shoes (not helping the cause is the fact that we've owned multiple pairs of the same model of shoe and the size has been different each time). But really, can you have a climbing gear site without listing all the shoes? It doesn't seem so.