SMC Oval Carabiner

SMC Oval Full View
SMC Oval Full View
SMC Oval Full View
SMC Oval Full View

The SMC Oval was one of the first aluminum carabiners manufactured in the US during the 1960’s. This classic traditional carabiner is highly versatile and functionally designed to withstand the test of time. A major benefit of using a ‘’true’’ oval carabiner is that it is very difficult to load incorrectly. Load forces tend to "self-equalize" between the pulley, ropes and anchors in your system by balancing your load equally on the spine and gate allowing the carabiner to maintain full strength under a variety of conditions.

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Technical Specifications

Weight (grams) 63 g
Shape Oval
Locking No
Bent or Straight Straight
Full Size Yes
Keylock No
Gate Type Solid
Gate Opening 18 mm
Visual Warning No
Strengths 20kN    6kN    7kN


Oval Black price is $9.70