DMM Prowire Carabiner

DMM Prowire Full View
DMM Prowire Full View
DMM Prowire Full View
DMM Prowire Full View

Back in the late 90s this was the lightest biner in the world, a truly ground breaking design which changed carabiner production forever. As a measure of its importance it was a full 3 years before it was knocked off the top spot.

10 years later the Prowire remains a classic design, which is still very much in demand.

Features wise it has a shrouded nose to minimise the chance of the wire gate accidentally opening. There is also a distinctive rope groove to ensure that loads are pulled into the spine of the biner.

-Hot forged from 7000 series alloy
-Curved wire gate to give constant tension for ease of clipping and increased long term safety
-Shrouded nose to minimise the chance of the gate opening accidentally
-Available as an 11mm Dyneema quickdraw in 12cm, 18cm or 25cm lengths
-Also available as either a Prowire/Aero Bent or an Aero Straight/Prowire 11mm Dyneema quickdraw in 12cm lengths

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Technical Specifications

Weight (grams) 36 g
Shape Offset D
Locking No
Bent or Straight Bent
Full Size Yes
Keylock No
Gate Type Wire
Gate Opening 25 mm
Visual Warning No
Strengths 24kN    8kN    8kN

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