CAMP Orbit Twist Lock Carabiner

CAMP Orbit Twist Lock Full View
CAMP Orbit Twist Lock Full View

The Orbit Twist Lock makes a great combination with most auto-locking belay devices and excels on the sharp end where the security of a locking biner can add serious piece of mind. With its keylock nose the Orbit Twist Lock snaps in and out of anchors and fixed lines without snagging. The perfect biner for fast and light excursions.

-Rock Climbing, Alpinism, General Mountaineering
-An auto-locking carabiner lighter than most non-lockers!
-Automatic lock requires two actions to open
-Easy to operate with one hand
-A great companion for auto-locking belay devices

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Technical Specifications

Weight (grams) 51 g
Shape Offset D
Locking Auto
Bent or Straight Straight
Full Size Yes
Keylock Yes
Gate Type Solid
Gate Opening 18 mm
Visual Warning No
Strengths 22kN    8kN    7kN

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