Beal Twin Guide Carabiner

Beal Twin Guide
Beal Twin Guide
Beal Twin Guide
Beal Twin Guide

Unidirectional auto locking carabiner designed for use with belay plates where the ropes passes through the connector (stitch plates). Thanks to the gate that clips onto a harness belay loop, the carabiner cannot be inverted. This ensures the correct orientation of the carabiner and reduces the risk of the belay system being weakened through cross loading. It features the Twin-Gate concept with 2 gates that open in opposite directions. Twin Gate is a revolutionary locking system developed by Grivel / Simond. Its large and rounded surfaces have been shown to reduce friction, in turn reducing abrasion to the rope.

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Technical Specifications

Weight (grams) 89 g
Shape Pear / HMS
Locking Auto
Bent or Straight Straight
Full Size Yes
Keylock No
Gate Type Solid
Gate Opening
Visual Warning No
Strengths 22kN    8kN    9kN