Austri Alpin Ovalo 3-Way Carabiner

Austri Alpin Ovalo 3-Way
Austri Alpin Ovalo 3-Way
Austri Alpin

This carabiner finds its optimal position in every situation, thus never compromising its maximum strength. There is no possibility that this carabiner turns on its side and is weighted in the dangerous cross wise direction. The round profile at the upper and lower ends optimizes the safety factor. With 3-way autolock for more safety: lift, turn + push open.

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Technical Specifications

Weight (grams) 89 g
Shape Oval
Locking Auto
Bent or Straight Straight
Full Size Yes
Keylock Yes
Gate Type Solid
Gate Opening 19 mm
Visual Warning No
Strengths 25kN    8kN    10kN