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Metolius Magnum Crash Pad Back and Close View




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Burly new fabrics for maximum durability and new cross-clipper-logo rug for cleaning shoes.

Retail price

US$ 325.00

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Weight (lbs / kg)

Weight (lbs / kg)

In pounds and kilograms, the weight, as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

19.00 lbs / 8.62 kg
Fold Type Straight Hinge
Number of Foam Layers three
Foam Layout 1" closed cell foam, 2.5" open cell foam, 0.5" closed cell foam
Fabric ­
Features Side Handle(s)
Backpack Carry
Closing Flap
Dimensions (ft / m)

Dimensions (ft / m)

In feet and inches / meters and centimeters, the length, width, and height of the bouldering pad, as stated by the manufacturer/brand

4.00 ft x 6.00 ft x 4.00 in
1.22 m x 1.83 m x 10.00 cm
Features of Recon and Magnum Bouldering Pad
Metolius Bouldering Pad Boss Hogg, Recon, Magnum and Session
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