The Tubik 2 is Retired You've found a page of history! The Tubik 2 is no longer available to buy from any major online retailers but you can still check out all the specs and claim your ownership.

Simond Tubik 2 Belay Device

Simond Tubik 2
Simond Tubik 2
Simond Tubik 2
Simond Tubik 2

Multi-purpose belay device-descender designed for indoor and sports climbing.
Easy to use thanks to v-shaped grooves the same as those on the Toucan 2. For belaying with 7.5 to 11mm half and single ropes.
Designed to prevent rope from twisting and to give extremely smooth belaying.
Forged anodized aluminium, protective sheath on cable.

Original MSRP, if Converted: 
€12.95 EUR
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Technical Specifications

Weight 72 g
Type of belay device Tube
Teeth No
Guide Mode Brake Assist No guide mode
Belay Brake Assist No
Rope Range 7.5 mm - 11.0 mm