SMC Large 8 Belay Device

SMC Large 8 Full View
SMC Large 8 Full View

The SMC Large Figure 8 (with ears) is another of our descenders which is very popular with sport and professionals alike. This is the largest of our Figure 8 with ears and it is intended for use with a single or a double wrap of rope up to 5/8'' in diameter. The ''ears'' of this design help to eliminate the potential for ropes slipping up into a girth hitch and also make it easier to ''tie off'' when on rappel, meaning the learning curve is shortened when being trained on this product. The oval carabiner hole doubles as a belay plate for up to 1/2'' rope. Machined from 1/2'' thick, solid aluminum, heat-treated bar and then finished with a very tough, hard anodized finish for extra durability.

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Technical Specifications

Weight 227 g
Type of belay device Figure 8
Teeth No
Guide Mode Brake Assist No guide mode
Belay Brake Assist No
Rope Range 4.0 mm - 16.0 mm

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