SMC Escape 8 Belay Device

SMC Escape 8
SMC Escape 8
SMC Escape 8
SMC Escape 8

Originally designed as a personal escape device to be used by firefighters in bailout situations, this ultra-light and compact descender is now the personal choice of countless members of SAR and Ski Patrol teams, law enforcement and military around the globe. Its compact size and lightweight makes it convenient to pack in a turnout coat or bail-out kit. For that matter just ask the growing number of savvy canyoneers who have chosen it as their descender, knowing that it is optimized for the smaller diameter ropes they've helped become so popular.

By using extensive computer analysis and field testing to optimize geometry we've designed this descender so that it works extremely well on single and double ropes up to 7.5 mm, and yet can be used on single ropes up to 12.5 mm. Single or double wrap allows the right amount of friction needed for a fast, yet controlled descent. The ears help to prevent accidental girth hitch. CNC machined from 3/8'' thick aircraft quality aluminum. Color choices are gold or black for tactical applications.

Rope Range Details: 
single: 4 - 12.5 double: 4 - 7.5
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Technical Specifications

Weight 48 g
Type of belay device Figure 8
Teeth No
Guide Mode Brake Assist No guide mode
Belay Brake Assist No
Rope Range 4.0 mm - 12.5 mm
single: 4 - 12.5 double: 4 - 7.5

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