Edelrid Kilo Jul Belay Device

Edelrid Kilo Jul
Edelrid Kilo Jul

Universal, solid aluminium belay device.

For belaying a leader or bringing up 2 seconds, also suitable for abseiling.
Asymmetric design with two braking speeds.
Can be used to independently bring up to 2 seconds at the same time when climbing in a team of 3.
Small eyelet for releasing unit with a carabiner when bringing up your partner.

Original MSRP, if Converted: 
€25.00 EUR
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Technical Specifications

Weight 80 g
Type of belay device Tube
Teeth No
Guide Mode Brake Assist Up to 2 followers
Belay Brake Assist No
Rope Range 7.8 mm - 10.5 mm

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