DMM Anka Belay Device

DMM Anka
DMM Anka

If you do a lot of abseiling you’re going to need a device that will be kind to your ropes, but also one that you won’t have to replace every season. We built the Anka with these needs in mind. At 169g it is the heaviest of all our abseil devices; this extra mass means it has excellent heat dissipation qualities. The added bonus of course is that it is incredibly durable. The distinctive 90 degree twist and ‘anchor’ head is there for a reason too. This clever shape reduces the twisting effect on your ropes but also aligns them perfectly to prevent accidental lock-off. Unsurprisingly it has proved very popular with rescue teams and outdoor centres. In fact any place where heavy duty usage is likely the Anka will work well.
Features: -Heavy duty abseil device
-90 degree twist ‘anchor’ design optimises loading on harness belay loop
-Larger mass offers greater heat dissipation and increased durability
-Anodised for corrosion resistance
-Heavy duty abseil device
-Wings prevent accidental lock-up

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Technical Specifications

Weight 169 g
Type of belay device Figure 8
Teeth No
Guide Mode Brake Assist No guide mode
Belay Brake Assist No
Rope Range 9.0 mm - 12.0 mm

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