Beal Air Force One Belay Device

Beal Air Force One Belay Device
Beal Air Force One Belay Device

Beal solution is to offer devices that enable efficient and precise braking to enable fully controlled, dynamic belaying which in turn protects the anchor points, the rope and the climber. One side features V-shaped grooves, whereas the other side has straight and wider grooves to reduce friction, hereby minimising abrasion damage to the rope when toproping or abseiling. With the exception of the classic figure 8, Beal belay devices do not add twists to the rope and all feature:
• reduced weight through cut away windows in the devices
• engraved diagrams showing directions of use
• individual number for easy PPE management
The use of a dedicated locking connector with a large, round diameter (12mm) is highly recommended. The Air Force One works with single ropes of any diameter. It fulfills the needs of beginner climbers using a ‘classic’ rope as well as advanced climbers using thinner ropes. The V-groove offers extra friction to improve rope braking while belaying and optimum energy absorption when catching a leader’s fall, yet provides enough smoothness to pay out slack easily. The wide, straight groove offers edge-free running of the rope.

• Reduces abrasion to the rope
• braking force adapts to the rope diameter
• individual number

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Technical Specifications

Weight 36 g
Type of belay device Tube
Teeth Yes
Guide Mode Brake Assist No guide mode
Belay Brake Assist No
Rope Range 8.5 mm - 10.5 mm